TeamSupport is a customer support software built for business to business. The customer-focused customer support software helps get the focus of customer service back to the customer where is belongs. It will help your team collaborate together by eliminating any miscommunications and will improve customer communication to swiftly address any client issues. With various key features, this program is essential for enhancing team collaboration.

All The CRM Features Needed For Better Customer Service

TeamSupport will put the focus of customer support back to the customer using a number of helpful features your team will greatly benefit from. The Customer Management module allows your team to easily track and view customer details, access info on customer issues, see full company and contacts database and easily see what products they currently have. It’s built for B2B support with customer service and even comes with customer distress index and alerts for better support.

The Ticket Management system avoids issues from slipping through the cracks and allows your team to see all customer or contact tickets from one convenient screen. There are also conditional custom fields, related and family tickets and customizable automations and ticket routing.

See All Products And Inventory

Your customer service team will be able to see what products customers have and then associate the produces with each of your customers. The integrated product database means easy tracking, while staff can track customer issues by each product.

Better Teamwork And Collaboration

A huge feature of TeamSupport is the fact that it allows your team to collaborated effortlessly with each other. The Water Cooler internal social tool allows them to converse and contact each other regarding tickets and you can create groups for assigning, routing and collaborating on tickets. There’s an internal chat room for quick answers and a shared calendar with task assignment.

Power Integrations and Customer Self-Service

The software provides comprehensive, seamless workflow, improved collaboration and efficiency across teams and can integrate with internal systems using APIs. You can also provide your customers with their own self-service with knowledge base community forums, a built-in live chat and so much more!

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