Teamgate CRM

Whether you’re a CRM beginner, intermediate or expert, Teamgate’s CRM solution offers something for everyone! The program is cloud-based, offering a fully integrated sales CRM solution so that companies can connect, organize, research and analyze leads in the program.

Background – Teamgate CRM

The Teamgate CRM application was founded in 2012 to produce and deliver a top-tier CRM system that will provide users a complete means of interaction with their customers so that they can manage every aspect of those connections in regards to sales and more. Basically, Teamgate will improve and streamline a company’s total sales process for the better.

Collecting Leads

With the CRM, users can convert visitors into qualified leads, driving more traffic to key landing pages. They can empower their inbound strategy by adding proven lead capturing forms to webpages. But the system can also grab leads from social channels, missed calls and email request. Teamgate provides teams with the very best CRM tools for small businesses!

Converting Leads

With the best CRM features, users can prioritize leads more strategically so that they can increase revenue thanks to lead scoring. This helps sales teams focus on the right leads, at the right time to get the most from these targeted sales. With all the features, users have all the information they need to manage what they know about leads and the best ways to convert them. And the system allows for the chance to rediscover any missed opportunities by applying the right CRM tools to get them back into the sales process.

Closing Leads

With Teamgate, users get the chance to use various sales pipelines for different sales processes so that they can separate reporting for each one. With an easy-to-used drag and drop interface, the system has real-time reporting, many currencies and offers product catalogue functionality. Even though it manages all sales opportunities, the CRM also accelerates any sales right on its dashboard so that users see it all! And using the CRM, users can create an informative snapshot of all of their clients – from contacts to communication history and more. It’s easy to build a contact database so that everything users need is one convenient place.


To further grow revenue, Teamgate CRM provides valuable insights that will identify opportunities and links between activities and their outcomes. Their visualized data that the CRM offers is top-tier and offers the best analytics so that you know how to handle your sales process for maximum results. It also provides users with the chance to track and share key performance indictors and other business metrics to keep the entire sales team motivated and on target. With reports to track the trajectory of sales and profits, as well as the sales landscape, your company will have a leg up on the competition.

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