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If your business is looking for a better way to manage online marketing and promotions, capture leads an organize sales, then Shape software might be something you’re looking for. The cloud-based business management solution caters to a wide variety of industries, including mortgage, real estate, legal, construction and education, to name a few.

Empower Your Workforce with Shape Software

Shape empowers your workforce and will help your company grow using the right tools that will streamline work, increase employee productivity and automate everyday tasks. All of the software’s features are custom in order to solve unique challenges as they relate to your industry.

Discover How Awesome Your Business Can Be

With shape, you’ll figure out what makes your business awesome using a number of the CRM’s features. You can create, measure and optimize all of your business’ online marketing in one convenient place, as well as communicate seamlessly with customers through the intelligent tools offered like calling, texting, emailing and more.

Your staff will be able to sell more, work smarter and see it all in one easy place since the CRM organizes your pipeline and shows you every step of your sales cycle as it happens in real-time. Using the CRM’s custom reports, you’ll be able to analyze and manage all data to make better decisions as it relates to your business.

Do More For Your Business

Do more for your business by investing in a useful CRM tool like Shape that provides you with a convenient solution for all your spreadsheet challenges. You can manage all your accounts in one easy place, which makes it easier to get things done more efficiently.

User Friendly And Collaborative

There’s really no learning curve to working with Shape since it’s very user friendly. All of its automated tools will eliminate the need for data entry and you’ll be able to track workflow, see deals and record actions in one easy-to-read window. And following up on leads is easy when your entire team is informed on what’s happening.

And since your business is always on the go, so is Shape! You can use it on your phone and always stay up to date on things.

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