The Sellsy cloud-based sales management is a great solution for small to midsize companies, with an abundance of useful features that’s suitable for a wide range of industries like construction, advertising, retail, non-profits and more. The CRM crates a pipeline for users to see the status of all business opportunities.

Sellsy Background

As the one single tool you’ll want to track all of your customer cycle, Sellsy is an entrepreneur-focused software that was born from a simple observation – installed software would soon be obsolete with a mobility solution more effective for businesses. One of the program’s main selling points is its user-oriented approach, with the objective to create a product designed for users and not tech people.


As a comprehensive solution for business, Sellsy responds to all of needs in one convenient package.

  • Lead Generation – the CRM allows customers to attract more visitors to your website and then transform them into leads. Then you can easily follow up with those leads in your CRM all the way through until they close. You can create attractive landing pages to present your product, create personalized forms, and capture leads with the Sellsy widget to add to your website. The Lead Builder is a Chrome extension that allows you to gather leads from the web, including ones that have logos, roles, photos and more.
  • Lead Management – you can contact your leads at the best time since the CRM helps you easily follow any business opportunities at every step. Stay on top of leads through the power of pipeline view to follow-up with leads. And then set up steps in the pipeline according to your business structure. There’s even a function for Lead Tracking and Scoring so that you focus on the leads that will close first.
  • Signature & Billing – You can now create effortless business proposal, personalize any documents and simplify your sales cycle with this CRM function. With optimized billing, you can gain send personal access codes to each customer to view and download their invoices into a PDF. And you can track billing according to time-spend. Your customers can also use electronic signatures to sign quotes and finalize payments.
  • Others – Sellsy provides a modular offer based on your needs. Other useful features in this CRM include: business management, purchases and margins, customer service management, CRM opportunity management, subscription management, project management, point of sale, website and blog management, expenses, billing hours management, rental management, inventory management and redactor.

Sellsy also integrates with several other apps your business might use daily like Dropbox, Mailchimp, Google Apps and more. The CRM offers businesses online support and webinars so that they learn the program better. Pricing for everything is based on annual contracts depending on how many users you want.

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