Really Simple Systems CRM

Small to midsize companies can really benefit from Really Simple Systems CRM, which is a cloud-based CRM program that offers free and paid editions, with the paid subscription option providing a more in-depth experience for companies, including sales, marketing and customer service. The free option only offers sales force automation. The CRM is considered a modular solution with different integrated modules for things like document management, opportunity, task, sales and more.

Really Simple Systems CRM Background

Really Simple Systems has more than 18,000 customers and has offices in both Australia and the UK. With a philosophy to make CRM simple and easy to use, many small and mid-size businesses will greatly benefit from how easy it is to use. Created by John Paterson, Really Simple Systems is based on his past experiences with CRM systems. He saw a gap in the industry for a simple, straightforward CRM and decided to create his own.

A CRM For Every Growing Business

As your business grows, so does Really Simple Systems. The free option is meant to showcase how easy it is and to allow businesses to get a feel for what it can offer. When they are ready, they can upgrade to the paid accounts and use the advanced features as their business grows. They pride themselves on the easy-to-use features of their CRM system, allowing users to set it up and train their team in a matter of minutes. And it provides everything a sales team needs to be successful and mange their customers, sales and prospects. The CRM works seamlessly on tablets, smartphones and desktops so users can benefit from its features while on the go!

Sales CRM

The Sales module features a custom dashboard that will display your companies KPIs and other things that are important to your business. The contact management benefits provides users the chance to manage contact at company level with a single page view that shows all data for the organization users are dealing with. And the system works in real-time, so they’ll always see the latest info to be well informed. The lead management features allows users to manage new leads from the first contact to closing the deal, allowing them to mange interaction with all leads and then streamlining the sales process to make sure that they maximize all sales opportunities for the company.

Marketing with Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems offers convenient email marketing software integrated with the CRM so that users can manage, execute and report on marketing activities. Users can send emails and newsletters and then track any responses from customers. The CRM also allows them to capture leads from their website and add them to a drip marketing campaign and so much more! This module tracks ROI for every marketing campaign made with the CRM.

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