Pipeliner CRM

This end-to-end CRM system provides better transparency for a company’s entire sales process. The CRM is based on the web and can be used with both Windows and Mac computers. It’s great for just about any industry, offering a standalone Sales Automation, as well a social one within its offering suite. But the real focus is on pipeline management, sales processes and analytics.

Opportunity and Activity Management

Opportunity is crucial in the sales process and with this CRM, your sales team will be able to recognize fruitful opportunities for more selling success. The software features a powerful navigator feature that offers sales team clarity when it comes to their opportunity management. Within each sales process, activities and tasks can be defined so that it moves to the next stage, which is all displayed in real time in the Activity Management section of the site.

Contact Management

For the sales process, contact management is more than just details on contacts. The CRM allows you to track contacts related to accounts and then provides useful tools like notes, follow-ups and more. This makes it easy for everyone to see what’s happening with the contact and how what steps to take to finish the sale.

Lead Management

Pipeliner CRMs makes lead management a priority so that you can make the sales you need to meet your sales quotas. The CRM knows how precious leads are and created a visual, intuitive lead management system as one of its key features.

Sales Insights

Gain a better understanding of all sales processes with Pipeliner’s insights feature that will enable sales managers, reps and the entire sales team to perform better and keep the momentum going with the entire sales process.


In order to get sales, your team needs to be productive with their time and their tasks, and this CRM will help keep them on track. Productivity is what will push your sales team to achieve any quotas and increase the ROI for the company. Thanks to the CRM’s ability to integrate with other favorite programs like Microsoft Office and Google, your team will be more productive than ever!

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