Less Annoying CRM

This customer relationship management solution has an interesting name, no doubt, and caters to small businesses. The cloud-based platform is literally meant to be “less annoying” than another other CRM, making it an easy platform to master and use, which is why it’s best for smaller businesses. The CRM’s main selling points is the fact that it’s super simple to use, taking only a few minutes to set up after watching their introduction video; is affordable, only costing $10 a month per user; and has awesome support if businesses do have any questions.

Less Annoying CRM Background

The company was started in 2009 by two brothers that wanted to help small businesses succeed, so they created a new breed of CRM software. With a focus on giving customers what they need and not what they don’t, they take out all the confusing stuff from CRMs and provides only useful functions that every small business can benefit from.


Like other CRMs, Less Annoying CRM has a number of features to help small businesses close more deals and improve customer happiness. Contact management is made easier with all information conveniently stored in one place. From one simple screen, users can see everything they need to know about contacts, including files, notes, tasks, events and more.

Calendar and Tasks places a company’s team’s events and tasks in one place. Users can set up sharing with other users so that everyone is on the same page. It also sync with Google Calendar for easy access to calendar functions via the phone app.

The Lead Report function won’t let leads slip through the cracks and provides users the ability to stay up to date on every lead in their pipeline. This function will show that status and priority of the lead, contact information and any notes there might be.

And since collaboration is key for a small business, the CRM provides easy collaboration features for anyone at the company. Each user has their own login and then can be given access to anything in the CRM by management.

Less Complicated CRM

The CRM provides powerful customization for small business who might not be tech savvy. Users can still customize the CRM to their needs without needing an IT degree to set it all up. Plus, users can access it from any device without synching or installing since it’s a web based application. And they’ll handle all data backups, security issues and software updates so that users don’t have to worry about this. They offer 256-bit encryption security, with servers hosted on Amazon’s infrastructure with multiple data backups kept off-site.

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