LeadMaster CRM

If your business needs to capture, track and follow up with leads, then LeadMaster is what you need to achieve those goals. It’s a SaaS-based lead management solution that has integrated modules for a variety of things, including sales force automation, customer relationship management, business analytics, marketing and so much more! The software will work great with midsize to large companies in a variety of niches, including banking, real estate, advertising, retail and more.

If your want to get results with higher conversions, more revenue and even greater profits, LeadMaster CRM might be the solution your business needs. This platform allows your company to take back control of your pipeline to grow it and get more conversions out of it than ever before. It can automate processes that are done manually by your staff so that they can focus more on sales. But it also helps move the sales funnel quicker and more efficiently so that your sales team gets the results needed to close more sales.

One-Full CRM Package

LeadMaster offers companies a vast array of useful features in one complete package. You’ll get lead nurturing, email marketing, a virtual call center, marketing analytics and workflow automation in one-full package, so there’s no need to have different systems that do different things. You’ll also get real-time lead capture, tracking, customer reporting, lead distribution and so much more as it relates to finding and tracking quality leads that will ultimately convert to sales. And these leads can be converted from a number of source like landing pages, webinars, call centers and more.

Easy Integration

Because your company probably already uses a couple of useful tools, LeadMaster integrates with a number of commonly used tools like Google and Outlook so that everything can be seen in one convenient place.


Because every business is different, LeadMaster offers your company immense customization with the chance to create custom forms for a variety of things, as well as the ability to customize a variety of tools in the software. Users can customize things like the homepage layout, fields and labels and more.

LeadMaster offer a monthly subscription that covers things like upgrades, installation, software licensing and maintenance.

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