Infusionsoft CRM

The Infusoinsoft CRM software is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that provides a variety of useful functions like marketing automation, CRM and e-commerce abilities for small businesses across a number of industries. It’s a software designed to help small businesses succeed, get more organized and personalize their tasks while at the same time making money and growing.

Small Business Owners In Mind

Since small business owners have enough to think about, the CRM software provides them with sales and marketing functionality that’s cost-effective, simple to use and can help generate more revenue. Services are offered via a monthly subscription that also provides tons of support via email, phone or FAQs.

Better Organization With Infusionsoft CRM

In order to be successful, a small business needs to get everything organized to have a seamless process for all of their tasks. This is what Infusionsoft does for small businesses, providing functions like customer information in one place, including all the history of all customer interaction. The dashboards and reports show users how their audience is responding to any campaigns they run, while the Infusionsoft CRM also streamlines the company’s tasks by integrating with many commonly used business apps for better overall use. Integration with apps like SalesForce, Outlook, QuickBooks and Gmail are probably going to be even more helpful with the added functionality that Infusionsoft offers.

Marketing Automation

Your company’s marketing automation will natively integrate with this CRM software so that you can create follow-up marketing email campaigns targeted to your customers. And there are custom fields for extra personalization, as well as email broadcasts to A/B test ways to craft the perfect email for better responses from your customers.

A Sales Pipeline That Works

The marketing automation function enables leads that will go into your sales pipeline and easily be managed through the CRM. Users will be able to score their leads to know which ones need more follow-up than others, while analytics on what’s working and what’s not will be helpful to every member of the sales team. The CRM also offers integrated order forms, online payments and says, which all makes buying super easy for your team and your clients.

Online Sales

With many e-commerce tools, you’ll be able to create customizable templates to sell your products, subscriptions or services with ease. The online storefront allows you to add product links to new or existing storefronts your business may have, while letting The Infusionsoft CRM take care of the entire checkout process.
Infusionsoft solves the problem that many small businesses have, which is finding a solution that brings together a number of tasks under one roof. With this CRM, you’ll be able to bring your e-commerce, emails, funnels, sales and everything else in one convenient place so to boost productivity and generate more sales.

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