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If you are looking for a CRM software for your business that won’t break the bank, then you might want to look into InfoFlo CRM. For only $99 a month, you get a feature-rich CRM with solutions that are focused on managing your customer as efficiently as possible. Unlike traditional CRMs, you get all the features you actually need to run your business and nothing that’s useless, taking up space on your computer. They deliver superior customer service and support by incorporating customer feedback into their R&D, making the CRM even better for its customers. The integrated CRM can be installed on-site or accessed online.

InfoFlo CRM Background

With a goal to continue building affordable and powerful solutions for small-and medium-sized companies, the software was specifically designed to combat one of the biggest technical challenges facing a business – how to manage all their customer information on a daily basis.

Why InfoFlo

InfloFlo touts their program as a complete office solution and not just a CRM. It goes beyond traditional CRMs by providing things that you actually need to run a business like phone system integration and project management. The CRM allows you to focus less on the platform and more on your business, allowing you to manage all of your customer relationships with one interface that shows you all the most important information at a glance.

Core Features

Core features on the basic monthly plan include things like project management, appointments and meetings, email marketing, Skype and Outlook integration and more. All of these features can easily be shared with all team members in real-time so they can see the changes as they happen.

  • InfoFlow PBX – this is an Asterick-based phone system for your business with everything you need to streamline your business.
  • Document Management – users can manage all different versions of their files and use the check-in, check-out functionality that provides the complete life cycle of any document changes.
  • Email Marketing – increase customer retention and establish better relationships with your customers with innovative and easy email marketing functions.
  • Task Management – create milestone for all of your projects and then follow it through to the tentative finish date, with tasks at every level.
  • Email Management – the CRM links emails to a specific contact while also allowing you to see and preview all emails –incoming and outgoing- from its user-friendly inbox view.
  • Calendar Management – you get to manage all appointments, calls, meetings, due dates and more with the Calendar too, linking appointments to contact, folders or even a team member.

Add Ons

If customers wish, they can customize their package with additional add-ons to the basic package, including invoicing, advanced tasks, and more! These add-ons are a one-time cost for life and includes free upgrades for life. Excellent work InfoFlo CRM!

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