Help Scout

As a cloud-based desk solution platform, Help Scout can greatly help small businesses and teams mange all of their customer relationships. What’s unique about Help Scout is the fact that it’s purposely designed to look like a personal email so it’s easier to navigate all of its functions. The platform has no case numbers, ticket numbers or impersonal templates to manage, which makes it easier to use for all parties. Help Scout basically makes excellent customer service achievable for companies of all sizes, making every customer interaction a personalized one.

A CRM with Everything in One Place

With Help Scout, you can create multiple mailboxes for all the shared email addresses so that you can work seamlessly across all departments using the system. Or, this added convenience allows you to mange various brands and products from one place. No more having to log in to other accounts to see everything, which means no lost communications and better time management.

Everyone is on the Same Page

With Help Scout’s collaboration features, everyone is on the same page. This means productive team members and happy customers. You can see who is viewing or replying to a question or concern in real-time, can tag people, save replies for common responses, and mention users in notes for private messages. Users also have the ability to assign conversations instead of merely forwarding them to co-workers, which results in more efficiency when it comes to communication with the entire team.

Automate the Mundane Tasks

Thanks to the platform’s workflows, you can easily automate the grunt work. With workflows, you can do many things like create custom folders, automate actions, send bulk replies, and more. This feature not only improves your team’s efficiency, but also helps organize emails and automate actions. You can even create workflows to help with everyday projects.

Better Reports

To know if something is working or not, the system allows you to run a variety of useful reports so that you can measure team performance, spot trends, monitor customer happiness and more. You never have to open another Excel spreadsheet thanks to this robust reporting feature in Help Scout!

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