Gold Vision CRM

Not necessarily just a sales CRM, Gold-Vision’s program is more of a one-stop solution that does it all for organizations of all sizes. It includes modules for marketing, projects, sales, events and more, allowing users to keep track of all work in one convenient place. Many will enjoy the fact that it can be installed in the cloud on your company’s premise, providing more installation offers than other programs of its kind.

Gold Vision CRM Background

Gold Vision CRM was designed to be an intuitive business tool that’s easy to use and highly functional for all. With exceptional customer service, their support helps customers make the CR work for them. They work with each and every customer to build the right solution for them, which only enhances the existing processes and improves their customer service and sales performance.

Integrates With Other Tools You Already use

The one-solution CRM is easy to use and will manage accounts, emails, appointments, accounts, documents and more, while also integrating with other tools your business is currently using. When they integrated with another tool, they support it themselves, whether it’s an accounting package, Microsoft Outlook, ERP solution and more, taking the time to write the integrations into logical workflows for your business so that they continue to work in the future. It’s a customized service unlike any other CRM!

Sales Features

Sales features for Gold-Vision CRM includes the ability to get more leads, convert more business and stay in control of the entire sales process. Lead scoring will help users thanks to the ability to automatically score leads based on customer interest. They’ll also be able to set pre-defined scores and view website analytics for better information on a client or lead. Your sales team will be able to gain more business with all of the CRM’s sales features that also focuses on getting better leads. Users will get fast and accurate insight on their sales performance with specific dashboards and reports that they care about most. And the CRM protects your data, while providing a seamless user experience for the whole team.

Marketing Features

Users can make the most of how they spend their money on marketing efforts with the CRM with targeted marketing campaigns that make it easy to get new business. Gold-Vision allows users to segment their contacts, design responsive emails and save time never needing to export another CSV file ever again! Other marketing features include real-time marketing automation, campaign ROI and robust analytics to see what your future marketing efforts should be.
Pricing for Gold Vision CRM n is a per-user monthly subscription and it offers customer service support in a number of ways, including online cat, email, a support portal and phone.

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