Freshsales CRM

To better manage their interactions with all new and existing clients and customers, many businesses are utilizing the customer relationship management solution Freshsales CRM. The program is cloud-based and features a number of benefits for businesses in different industry verticals so that they can get a better picture and handle on their customers in every aspect.

Freshsales CRM Background

Freshworks believes your business deserves the best when it comes to software and crated the CRM to be ready to go, easy to step up and use and requires little to no customization. More than 150,000 companies are using their software and that number grows each year. The Freshsales was born from another similar program, Freshdesk in 2010, but is specifically tailored for sales teams.

An Easy Way To Manage Leads

With Freshsales, sales staff can easily manage their leads and have them conveniently stored in one location. The program allows users to rank leads they get so that they can first focus on those that matter the most and are most likely to convert. With the CRM, users can prioritize their follow-ups based on which one’s are for sure sales-ready and which need a bit more focus to convert.

The program allows management to assign leads to the right staff, saving them time and resources by automatically assigning leads to the perfect sales person by territory and experience. They can also schedule follow-ups, tasks and appointments so that nothing is left undone. Users will get email alerts to remind them of everything! Other key features include general sales management, one-click phone and more. It’s a comprehensive CRM any sales staff can use and appreciate!

Send Personalized Bulk Emails

Sales staff can send personalized bulk emails straight from program, and then later monitor any activities from those emails in the solution itself. The CRM’s inbox will also automatically prioritize emails from leads and contacts that are waiting for responses so that you get to those first before any others.

Tracks Webpages

The CRM also has the ability to track any web pages that potential leads are interacting with and then will segment them based on their behavior. They’re then scored based on that incoming data, with Freshsales prioritizing those with the highest scores so that users know which ones are ready to go! Sales staff will be able to see all information on a customer with the 360 customer view, showing all tasks, appointments, touchpoints and conversations with that one client.

Integration Abilities

The CRM easily integrates with other apps like Google Calendar and more so that users can still use other apps they like in addition to Freshsales.
You can buy a monthly service subscription to Freshsales, which will include support via chat, email or phone.

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