FreeAgent CRM

The cloud-based FreeAgent CRM for sales and marketing teams works well with small to midsize business. The platform allows companies and their teams to manage an array of things like calls, leads, emails, contacts, account and deals, in addition to a lot more useful functionality that businesses can use to streamline their tasks.

FreeAgent CRM Background

FreeAgent CRM is comprised of a tam of software professional that want to push customer satisfaction since they believe it’s the most important way to measure a business’ worth. They provide complete and powerful sales CRM solution that’s both easy to use and setup. They want to make your company more productive and win more business.

The Easiest CRM

FreeAgent CRM touts themselves as being the easiest, most automated CRM platform available. Their customer review section on their website showcases how is it is to use as many of the reviews reflect this helpful feature. With the power for users to capture leads in a variety of ways, your company’s sales team will be more productive and successful with FreeAgent CRM.

Manage Contacts

The CRM lets you manage contact with fresh insight. You can import them from anywhere you have them and then sync and share with your tem. The CRM will also keep them up-to-date and will detect any changes from your interactions with the leads. Plus, it uses Machine Learning to compute how powerful they really are and what the odds are that they’ll turn into actual sales.

More Efficient Deals

FreeAgent allows you to work your deals much more efficiently, allowing you to be more productive in the long run. You can log into your emails and phone calls with no typing needed! Adding notes and messages is a breeze, while setting meeting times and sending invites takes one click. Then collaborate with the rest of the tem within seconds to keep them informed.

Easier To Track Pipelines

The CRM system allows you to gain better insights when it comes to your pipeline, allowing you to track things like sales, forecast, deal owner and more. And the then view the pipeline against your company’s sales targets to see how you’re personally doing.

Interactive Reports

With the help of interactive reports, you get to place them on dashboards and then see your growth at a glance. Clicking through the report for source data will provide everyone answers they need to succeed and enhance their sales.
You can request a few demo and if you like it, pricing is based on a per user/per month basis.

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