Daylite CRM

Marketcircle, Inc. created Daylite CRM so that users can manage all their business tasks from one single application. The CRM can prioritize projects and opportunities to give them a chance to see short-and long-germ goals and then organizes it all into daily activities. The program is great for a number of industries, including technology, real estate, legal consulting and more!

Daylite CRM Background

Marketcircle helps small businesses grow thanks to useful aps and CRMs for a variety of sized businesses. They created Daylite to be a centralized system for al companies so that they can focus on important matters while still having complete control of everyday tasks. Daylite allows companies to win more business and get more done at the same time. Available for Macs, it’s a top CRM trusted by busy teams!

Many choose Daylite to streamline their workflow as a team since it combines the power of a CRM, project management app and lead management app in one simple solution. After using Daylite, you’ll notice how much time you’ve saved your entire team and how much productivity has increased!

Total CRM solution

Daylite helps teams manage all of their clients and convert them more leads, while keeping track of more projects at the same time. The CRM remembers everything about your clients, with the entire team being brought up to speed on everything in a matter of minutes.

The dashboard allows users to easily skim through the history to see all details like appointments, notes, emails and more. Daylite can prioritize projects and opportunities to give them visibility over all of the company’s goals and then breaks them up into everyday tasks to make them more manageable.

Lead Management Features

If you want to win more business in less time then Daylite is for you! It will track all sales opportunities more efficiently than any other CRM so no deals will sleep through the cracks. Users can create the perfect sales cycle using the CRM’s customizable pipelines and follow-up task automation to make and close more deals.

Project Management

Project management is made easier with Daylite! You’ll never have to go digging through emails or cc everyone on your team again since the CRM automatically keeps everyone in the loop about all projects. And the Daylite CRM allows users to delegate tasks to others and build their own pipelines to track the progress of the entire team.

It’s good to note that Daylite only works with Mac and iOS products, leveraging features like Caller ID, Siri, Notification Center on iPhone and iPad and multitasking on iPad. It also easily integrates with Apple Mail on Mac, Apple Calendar and Apple Contacts. And if you don’t have Internet, you can sync in the cloud to keep working from your iOS product when you’re on a plane, subway or anywhere else that’s not connected to Wi-Fi.

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  1. Robbie

    Daylite CRM Review


    I found Daylite CRM helpful for a long time. I used the CMR for a while with my local business, I found it useful to keep important information all within one area.

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