This cloud-based CRM and proposal automation tool allows business developers, marketers and more to act and access information specific to their role. Cosential allows businesses to build their proposal and marketing database in order to provide a comprehensive look at their company’s connections, interactions and history with any partner or clients. You get to grow your business with this useful CRM that works for a number of industries, primarily Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms.

Smart Time-Saving CRM Tools

Cosential integrates marketing, accounting and business development data into one convenient location that’s accessible from any device anywhere you need to access data. Your team can report, collect and track on every piece of data as it relates to your customer relationships and proposals. You’ll love the metrics on leads created, opportunity by stage and hit rate which are all updated in real-time for access to all things related to customers.

Essential Integrations

People hate having to re-enter data into more than one system, but Cosential doesn’t make you do that since it seamlessly integrates with other lead generation and financial systems, email, and publishing programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign for a seamless work experience. These integrations allows you to be more efficient and maximize the power of your data while using the tools you already know how to use and work for your business.

Easy Administration And Management

The program’s straightforward dynamic organization strategies make it easy to use. You can empower administrative controls and enable them to create automatic processes to manage the flow of new information. By streamlining your administration, you can focus on the work you want and should be doing to grow profits.

Custom Analytics Reporting

Your team can gain perspective and make better decisions with the program’s smart search and custom reporting functions. Users will be able to research, integrate, analyze and export all business intelligence in a few clicks. They’ll also be able to create customized reports for all sort’s of the industry’s common queries and make strategic adjustments to your business development from your findings.

The program can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, other financial systems and more.

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