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If you are a midsize to large enterprise organization, your business can greatly benefit from using the Clairtysoft cloud-based CRM solution that offers a wide variety of features and functions, including customer service, sales automation, marketing automation and social CRM – all in one convenient solution. As a simple, but effective, CRM solution, Claritysoft is powerful and easy to use, intuitive and flexible to work with your processes and provides amazing service when you need it most.

Get and Stay Organized with Claritysoft Software 

Your company will be able to create an efficient selling environment that will meet its unique needs and requirements. Staff will be able to organize customers or prospects using the special segments and custom fields that are unique to your business. It will help you grow your business while also helping it operate more efficiently.

Account and Contact Management

The software makes it easy to manage and share all accounts in one place, allowing you to share the information with all team members on your staff. You’ll be able to see everything you need to know about an account so that you are always in the know and prepared. Customize the user interface to meet the needs of your business, while having the ability to track all activities, notes, opportunities, sales and more. You can import accounts from Outlook or Microsoft Excel and then segment them into unique groups. There are custom-tailored reports or out-of-the-box account ones to use for your business.

Contact management is made simple since the CRM makes it easy to track and share it with everyone in the company. You’ll be able to find contacts quickly by searching on any characteristic like product and service, segments and more.

Lead and Sales Management

Your company’s sales team will receive leads faster, using a tool that will automatically feed all information into the sales pipeline. Manage, organize and track all leads then convert them into accounts, contacts and opportunities. Your sales staff can add leads directly from your web page and customize their own lead quality system to best track them.

The sales management feature allows your staff to track the products and service customers have purchased and as well as helps your team keep everything in the loop at the entire process for a better customer relationship.

Pricing for Claritysoft is based per month, per user and support is offered by email, phone or web ticket.

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