Chime CRM

If you’re in the real estate business, you can greatly benefit from a CRM suite that’s designed specifically for your niche. Chime CRM is perfect for small to midsize companies and provides a number of benefits and features useful to the real estate industry like customer management, team management and more.

Chime CRM Background

Chime worked with many of the best real estate agents in the Bay Area to help them streamline their business. They tackled the main problems that agents were facing and then created a solution for a digital tool that would help them succeed. This one tool allows agents to do a few things, include launch marketing campaigns, track leads, build relationships with clients and more.

An All-In-One Real Estate Software Solution

Chime features AI-powered lead generation allowing real estate agents to advertise their services in no time. With the buyer and seller lead generation feature, the program effectively captures leads information so that you can land more sales.

Users can also retarget their marketing budget to reach potential leads that might already be familiar with your business or recently showed interest. And the program’s powerful advertising feature, you get to collect robust data and insights on several campaigns based on the best possible advertising strategy.

The program can calculate high-frequency bidding, keywords, variations and more so that you don’t have to do it yourself. Users can even use the system to create their own websites, as well as run reports for things like revenue, lead sources, marketing ROI, web traffic and more.

Fully Mobile CRM

Work is done in and out of the office, so you need a CRM that allows you to take all the features with you wherever you go. Chime offers a fully mobile CRM function that allows you to get real-time access and updates to keep track of your leads on go.

And you’ll get full function wherever you go, including filter, sort and the ability to engage leads straight from your mobile device. Plus, you’ll never miss out on any news from your team with instant notifications, as well as real-time chat with leads or team members.

Works For Anyone In The Real Estate

If you work in the real estate industry, this CRM is for you. From actual agents to brokers, lenders and entire teams, Chime provides something for everyone.

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