Capsule CRM

With Capsule CRM, you’re be able to build stronger customer relationships, while at the same time focusing on more sales and saving more time. The cloud-based CRM is ideal for small to midsize companies and will help them keep track of all their contacts, while also identifying opportunities within the sales pipeline.

Capsule CRM Background

Capsule was founded in 2009 after its founders were frustrated with current CRM services, which they thought we either too simple or complex to use. They believed the value of a modern CRM would be the ability to help organizations stay organized, know more about their customers and make the most out of sales opportunities – all while minimizing their user input.

Contact Management In One Place

Capsule provides companies with a bird’s-eye view of everything as it relates to their business. Users can track all history of clients, including notes, emails and more. They can also attach documents, manage tasks that need to be done for each contact and then share with co-workers so everyone is on the same page when it comes to a specific customer. Users will be able to get to know their contacts, follow their social media, tag them and expand with custom fields. And the CRM keeps all your contacts in sync with other apps like Mailchimp, Twitter, and more.

Making Sure Things Get Done

The Tasks and Calendar function allows users to create appointments, meetings, calls, deadlines and more. Your company will be more organized with tasks that can be seen by the entire team. And they can customize categories for their tasks and update with colors to fit their process.

A More Organized Sales Pipeline

The CRM offers customers a quick summary of opportunities via the sales dashboard that includes helpful things like potential values, where the pipeline is currently at and what needs to be done to close the sale. The CRM essentially keeps track of each sales opportunity, and users can use milestones that are then linked with a success factor used to forecast potential sales revenue. Users can also track all history with notes, emails and more; create and manage tasks; collaborate with co-workers; generate reports; and so much more! All vital statistics about the sales pipeline are on the Pipeline Dashboard, which features all summaries in one clear and simple dashboard screen.

Customized To Fit Your Business

The CRM allows you to capture all the right information as it relates to your business, offering flexible custom fields to customize the look of the software to match your brand. Users can create custom fields, tags and more, as well as customize the sales milestones and pipelines and generate custom lists.

Take Capsule With You

And your entire staff can use the Capsule CRM Mobile App to take with them anywhere they go so they are never out of the loop!

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