BPM’Online CRM

As a process-driven CRM solution for sales, marketing and service automation, companies can mange their customer lifecycle from leads to sales and provide excellent ongoing customer service. The solution provides a single CRM platform for things like sales, marketing and service activities, making your everyday business transactions easier to manage. The software offers three integrated products that can be used together or separately.

BPM’Online Marketing

This specialized CRM is dedicated to all of your marketing needs. You’ll be able to gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs and then nurture their interests until they are turned into sales. The software provides the best processes for efficient lead management – starting from demand generation to the final stage of sales. And you’ll be able to maintain communication with your customers using email marketing tools that will help establish and maintain dialogue with all your customers.

Your business’ marketing team can manage every step of customer demand by following a pre-defined process the software provides before handing off the lead to the sales department. The analytics features can track new leads and then evaluate the level of engagement, while you can also build your target audience and send bulk emails.

BPM’Online Sales

To help streamline your sales department, BPM’Online Sales features many referenced processes that your company can follow to make it easier for your team to adopt a new sales system. You can then customize them to fit your individual company to guarantee success. These processes allow you to manage the entire customer journey – from lead to order and then continued maintenance for that account. Since sales isn’t the only important department, the software allows you to connect the dots between different departments like customer service and marketing to effectively manage every stage of all customer interactions.

BPM’Online Service

Like the sales CRM, the service one also includes out-of-the-box processes that are based on best practices in the industry. Your customer service team can manage customer requests and automate a variety of service-based operations for optimal customer care service. It also allows your team to manage all client requests in a single view no matter where it came from – including email, phone, cat or social.

You can deploy BPM’Online via cloud or on-site and your data will be hosted in-house on the company’s services.

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