Azurepath CRM

The cloud-based sales CRM program Azurepath CRM features robust capabilities like sales forecasting, monitoring and lead management for sales teams across both small and midsize companies. Users will be able to do many sales-related things much easier thanks to its many features like the ability to track leads, set sales targets, manage communication and measure performance.

Azurepath CRM Background

With a unique approach to business software, Azurepath was born! When the founders first launched their first business in 2007, they wanted to make sure to create a CRM unlike any other. They knew they could provide better and Azurepath was founded. The CRM program is built on principles and with Azurepath, you’ll always get stellar customer surface, fair monthly pricing and a variety of features for your low-price subscription fee.

Key Features

There are a number of key features built into Azurepath, including lead management, sales management, finance management and more.

Lead Management

With the lead management function, users can follow leads from beginning to end with the automated visual lead queue. They can track emails, notes and reminders and so much more! There is also an individualized insights dashboard with automated confidence level tracking. Users will also be able to find anything with the global search option. And the best part is that its simple to use and totally customizable to fit the user’s needs.

Sales Team Management

This section of the CRM provides useful things like automated reporting, batch editing of leads, live performance tracking, the ability to set targets for the sales team, aging pipeline that’s highlighted for the user and the ability to export any trend to Excel.

Finance Management

The CRM provides automated sales forecasting, payment structure and invoices, historically guided insights, accurate cash flow analysis and comes in multiple currencies, making it easier than ever to track your company’s finances.

Other Useful Features

Like many other CRMs, Azurepath CRM allows users to place calls, send emails and navigate to a client’s website for more information. It excels at note-taking capabilities and will also come in handy with its automatic communication logging. The Boomerang functionality provides users with the ability to temporarily remove leads and then add them back in later to the lead list in the future.

Easy-To-Read Dashboard

Azurepath’s dashboard is ready to read and has everything users need to get the job done as it shows the sales performance metrics like lead creation, pipeline totals, accuracy of close date estimates and provides individual users the chance to compare their account and lead trends to averages of the entire sales team.
Users will also be able to use the CRM on a variety of tools like PCs, tablets, laptops, phone and more to get work done anywhere they go!

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