Auric Prospector CRM

If your business is small to midsize, then you will benefit from using Auric Prospector CRM. The software features a number of key modules that will greatly enhance business tasks, such as customers service and support, opportunity management, customer service support and list management, to name a few. Auric Prospector is available either as an on-premise deployment solution or can be cloud based if desired. Investing in a CRM like Auric Prospector will boost your business since it simplifies a number of functions while enhancing customer engagement and customer relationships.

Better CRM Opportunity Management

Give your sales team the right tools with its easy-to-use Sales Force automation interface that will inspect the entire sales pipeline to provide intuitive analytic reports and 360-degree visibility for manager to see what’s happening and where the opportunities are. The CRM also eliminates the need for extra effort by your sales team to compile information and communicate. And the application synchs with Outlook easily! The CRM helps with sales and will replace all the redundant tasks and track and manage opportunities in a single platform.

More Robust Customer Service And Support

The CRM Streamlines all your company’s support services via the right prompts, triggers and automations to save time. Their solution will automate the entire workflow, making everyone’s job so much easier. Your team will have all the information needed for excellent customer service support. Also, customers will be able to login to the system to record and track their own customer service issues, which is a quick and easy way for users to access information and remain updated. But for your customer service team, it’s an easy way to prevent customers from getting mad and bridge the gap with them to avoid any miscommunication.

Easier Contact Management And Reporting

Capture and store all information of your contacts in one simple place. The CRM lets you see a clear perspective of your connection and converts contacts in real people. Plus, it integrates with Outlook and a number of other applications to make work much easier! The system offers a wide range of reports that lets you and your team uncover the story behind the numbers to make more informed decisions.

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