As a cloud-based CRM too, amoCRM gives companies complete views of their customers for better customers service, sales management and more. The CRM works well for any industry and is great for small sales teams. Ti’s the only CRM with digital pipeline, which is an automated pipeline that sells by itself! amoCRM comes fully equipped with all the key instruments that will empower your sales team to sell more effectively.

Easy-To-Use Interface with amoCRM

Your entire sales team will be able to use the system from day one. There is no learning curve needed and the program was engineered with the user in mind. The software provides easy-to-understand functionality and a sleek design. Your sales team will see all important tasks and operations on every screen, which minimizes the need to click around to find what you want. And since everyone is mobile these days, the interface is iPad optimized!

Convenient Lead Grabbing

amoCRM grabs every single lead from all your channels, capturing leads automatically. And it doesn’t matter what the first touch point is either. It can be from an email, phone call, web form or even social media and live chats – all of this prospect leads will be added to the CRM for your convenience.

Business Card Scanner

When using the mobile version of the CRM, you also are equipped with a business card scanner, which will sync with your contact list automatically. And when you have your meeting with a client, the mobile CRM will provide you with all the information about the deal.

All Emails Synced

With amoCRM, all emails are synced no matter what. You can connect any email address from any provider and use any email app you like. Every message you send or receive will then by synced automatically and attached to the customer’s profile in the CRM.

Built-In VoIP

A great thing about amoCRM is that it gives you complete calling solution right in the CRM. You can dial directly from the client’s profile with one click! And the phone calls are recorded and logged right in the event feed so you can keep notes, stats and be able to track sales calling habits.
Pricing for amoCRM is per user per month and customer service support is proved via email or phone.

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