Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction

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We’ve probably all know the rule that “The Customer is Always Right,” therefore he/she should be treated accordingly. You’ve to put your customers on top of your priority, to ensure that they’re satisfied and that you’ve surpassed their expectations. Customer satisfaction is highly relevant to most businesses. Without it, customer loyalty is nonexistent.

However, customers’ expectations are changing over time, and every company must provide whatever the customers want and whenever they want it. Delivery of customer satisfaction is crucial because businesses are dependent on their customers, the impact on profitability is very high as satisfied customers will gladly repurchase products or services and help bring new customers through word of mouth.

Here are three critical questions to ask, to determine if you satisfy the vital elements of customer satisfaction in your business:


Do you deliver on your brand promise?

If you’ve a firm understanding of what your customers want, and use marketing efforts to bring customers in successfully, the next issue becomes one of how well you execute. Are you providing customers with the lowest price, fastest service, best overall value, or some combination of these which is superior to anything your competition currently offers? If you do not deliver well on your promises, customers are unlikely to be satisfied, let alone impressed.


Have you surveyed your customers recently (to determine where they find value)?

Some businesses came about with precise intentions of how they’ll provide value and an excellent understanding of why customers will choose their operation over competitors. Others focus on the solid customer base, with less knowledge of which aspects of their operation appeal to their customers. If your customers place more value on unknown aspects of the business, it is vitally important that you discover what these elements are. This can allow you to focus more on what customers want, and to spend fewer resources on the things which do not matter that much.

Do you create deeper connections with your customers?

Most business owners or managers are savvy enough to realize that they’ve to check in with customers periodically, to make sure that everything has gone as planned. Few understand that often dissatisfied customers will leave without ever saying a word about failed expectations. These customers will recognize that something about the product or service did not feel right, and they will not give a second chance after that.



Basic Factors
These are the requirements for a product or service that if not fulfilled will cause dissatisfaction. However, the fulfillment of this basic requirements is necessary but not a sufficient condition for satisfaction. The customer regards this basic factors as prerequisites, the features that the product or service must have to meet customer demands. For example, in the hospitality business, basic factor is the cleanliness of the room you’ll rent. A customer will not request a clean room, because he/she would expect it.

Performance Factors
These factors lead to satisfaction if fulfilled or exceeded and lead to dissatisfaction if not achieved. Performance factors are customers’ spoken needs and desires; it can cause both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Therefore, a service provider should be competitive about these performance factors.

Excitement Factors
Excitement factors are unexpected features that surprise the customers. They generate “delight’’ when delivered, hence, have a strong impact on customer satisfaction. The company should enhance these factor to stand out from the competition. These factors have “Wow” effect that triggers unknown needs and wants of the customers.



An excellent Customer Service means taking care of the customers’ needs by delivering and providing professional, helpful and high-quality services before, during and after each customer’s requirements are met. If you take these factors into account, you’ll deliver better overall customer service and have a much better business reputation

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