How HR Can Take Advantage CRM To Improve Employee Experience

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How HR Can Take Advantage CRM To Improve Employee Experience

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Human Resource Management team looks for HR tool to increase Employee satisfaction, motivation, and overall efficiency. But, can Customer Relationship Management help HR to improve Employee Experience, sounds strange, but it’s true. A good HR team will take care of interviews, appointment process, induction, training, payroll processing, automating and simplifying the process as much as possible, and leveraging technology for it. However what about the regular work that the employee has to do to fulfill Job Description.

Changing role of Human Resource Management

HR has gone beyond compliance, rules, processes, and laws. It is more about Job satisfaction, Employee Experience, motivation, etc. HR team is also accountable for making overall operations smooth and stress-free. In recent time, the role of HR has changed from supervisory and monitoring to force multiplier, coordination, and enabler. That will build trust, and the trust will boost teamwork and overall performance.

For all above reasons, it essential for HR to ensure that proper processes and tools that will bring the anticipated results like improving productivity, reducing stress, building trust and teamwork, achieving higher results are used.



An adequately implemented and deployed CRM system will improve Employee Experience in the following ways;


Boost in Confidence level and Increased productivity
CRM, whether used in Support Teams or sales, raises efficiency and productivity. Results can be achieved much faster, and that helps in boosting confidence and motivational level of employees.

Genuine sales forecasts versus targets
CRM has been proved to help Sales manager to do error corrections in real-time and also monitor the pipeline. With this, the focus tends to shift from Sales goals to Sales activities as well as milestones. CRM provides convincing sales forecast based on predictable opportunity closure estimated revenue and data. Furthermore, this can drill down to a very granular level. In other words, Sales forecasts supplied by CRM are much more realistic as compared to Sales estimates and targets set by Sales Manager and Sales Executives.

Faster and significant meetings
In the absence of your CRM giving your real-time results and notifications, Sales Meeting started with people giving in their numbers and then discussing what happened and why. Finally, if some time is left, then they talk about the next step and corrective actions. This entire process waste of time and limited resources.

Not anymore, with proper CRM system in place, everybody attending the meeting knows the numbers, even all the activities are done, and milestones are easily achieved. This means that the meeting will be purposeful, analytical and productive. This will in,turn, allow the team members to be more focus on error correction and be more proactive in planning their next actions.



The above examples has shown how CRM helps to improve Employee Experience to a significant level. CRM can make a difference in the company’s results by seeing their work within the bigger picture of external customers’ needs, and by helping executives establish a customer-focused big picture in strategy and culture.

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