This SmartFunnel software is a cloud-based sales engagement solution that features a variety of tools any business will benefit from. The program is best for B2B sales teams on the hunt for new buyers, new revenue generation and more. While other CRM systems are too complex or slow, SmartFunnel provides exactly what your business needs to improve business.

Use Your CRM Connect With Prospects

The software allows you to connect with prospects to create opportunities. Your contact emails, notes and everything else are neatly organized and easy to find. SmartFunnel allows you to simply point and click for all important points for each customer or prospect. And interactions with them are easy to find and capture, as well as share with the rest of your team. The sales-centric mail storage allows you to avoid distractions in your inbox so you focus on only the emails that matter.

Notes and next actions allows your to keep up to date on everything as it relates to prospects and customers. Your team will appreciate all the reminders and the ability to stay in the loop on all matters. The program’s dashboard gives users a great look at incoming revenues, which is a great forward-looking management tool. Then once deals start to grow, the software will also reveal trends between projects sales and past sales. 

Easier Sales Funnel Management

For some, managing a sales funnel is challenging. With SmartFunnel, you have Sales Playbooks that are built into the system for your B2B sales goals that are based on your team’s own wins/losses and other important elements of your company’s buy cycles. Their weighted algorithm provides you with a bigger picture that’s more accurate than ever so that you know what’s happening with your sales funnel. An in order to better choose what actions to take next, the interface will monitor progress, suggest areas that need more attention and give you earned value from one convenient place. Plus, the opportunity summary is available in many formats, including 6 months sales pipeline or a 12-36 month sales planning grid.

You can purchase SmartFunnel on a monthly subscription basis.

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