If you need a comprehensive CRM system that embeds into Microsoft Outlook, then you’ll need SaleOutlook CRM, which will automatically sync all your customer data in one convenient place. Since the CRM depends on Microsoft Outlook, you don’t need to have a dedicated MS-SQL server database for this CRM.

Clean and Modern CRM Design

Clients love the clean and modern design that SalesOutlook offers them. Plus, since it’s integrated with Microsoft Outlook, you’ll find the look and feel of this CRM very familiar with each of its features and its interface. Since it’s so much like Outlook, you’ll be able to start using it in no time since there really isn’t any learning curve for using it.

Mobile Computing

Because your sales team is always on the go, this CRM is built for mobile computing! They have many mobile strategies that will fit nicely with your organization, such as Mobile Outlook, native apps and Advanced Mobile Client. Your sales team will be able to stay up to date on all things back at HQ with this handy CRM that goes anywhere they do. And it features cached mode for the Outlook client, which can be used either online or offline. It works on any mobile device, including Windows phone, iOS, Android, etc. Plus, Outlook will auto file emails that are sent and received on your mobile device.

Exchange Server Database

The CRM utilizes your Exchange service so that you can use the built-in calendar, task list, contacts and email features. This is actually a huge shortcut in setting up the CRM, which is easily done thanks to the excellent support clients have from the CRM support staff. You can email them, call in for phone support or ask about their customization services that will automate your business processes.

Email Marketing With Constant Contact Toolkit

The email module is powered by Constant Contact, which makes sending email marketing campaigns a breeze.  You’ll be able to send emails newsletters and announcements, collect online feedback, promote and manage events online and so much more!

As a business, you’re already using MS Outlook in  your office, so using a CRM and Contact Management solutions that are MS Outlook-based is only practical!

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