Results CRM

Track, manage and grow your business with Results CRM. As the highest rated CRM for QuickBooks, the program seamlessly works with the product to allow companies to do more with their financial data. It’s the most complete out-of-the-box CRM software that integrates with QuickBooks, giving your team exactly what they need to convert leads into sales.

The Entire Sales Cycle At One Glance with Results CRM

Your entire team can easily see the entire sales cycle on one dashboard, as well as manage, create and send accurate quotes, schedule any appointments and follow ups as well as manage the entire sales pipeline in one application. All workflows are streamlined to ensure that every detail is preserved and ready when you need it most.

Track Follow Up Activities

Since the CRM offers bi-directional integrations between Outlook, QuickBooks and other applications, you can easily follow up on things so that nothing important falls through the cracks and gets forgotten. The entire sales team can stay on top of important tasks so that they close the sale. And the program integrates with every version of QuickBooks for easy use.

Build Relationships With Your Customers

ResultsCRM has the ability to connect all departments together, making it your one-stop shop for getting all the information you need to build relationships with customers and then maintain them. Plus, when everyone utilizes the CRM, everything will get done as it’s supposed to, increasing your customer expectations with each interaction you have with them. Better customer service from your team will also entice your customers to do more business with your company!

Integrations Also Available

All your applications will work seamlessly thanks to the many integrations that are possible with Results CRM. It has the ability to integrate with apps you use daily like Constant Contact, SharePoint, ShareFile, Outlook and more. The program is also available for web-based or on-premise options.

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