Hatchbuck CRM

This marketing and sales solution is perfect for companies that are small to midsize and want an integrated offering that combines a number of things, including marketing automation, sales automation and email marketing. It works well with a variety of different industries, including companies in the real estate, hospitality, advertising and consulting sectors. Hatcbuck provides a number of useful features that your company will greatly benefit from so that processes run smoothly and more efficiently.

Great Contact Management

The CRM allows you to keep tabs on all of your customers and prospects in one simple place. The tasks feature keeps you organized, while hot lead alerts inform you of when a prospect is ready to complete the sales funnel and buy. Your company’s sales funnel will grow thanks to this CRM that’s a simple alternative to expensive to other sales software that’s often bloated with features you’ll never use. You can add contacts on the fly, see the sales funnel in real time and track everything as it relates to your sales team in on convenient place. Automated task creation and notifications keep you on track all day and lets you know what needs to be done so you can better prioritize your time. 

Turn Emails Into Conversions

With its powerful email marketing module, you’ll get noticed thanks to robust email marketing features that Hatcbuck offers. You can build great looking email campaigns, grow your email list and then turn clicks and opens into real, paying customers in no time! You’ll also be able to track email metrics to see what’s working and what’s not to improve future emails.

Marketing Automation

With Hatchbuck’s marketing automation features, you’ll be able to create campaigns to nurture leads to provide value until they finally convert to sales. You’ll be able to set up actions and notifications to keep your entire team on task to make sure that no marketing opportunities are left behind or fall through the cracks.

Hatchbuck can run on both PCs and Macs, as well as be accessed from any device with Wi-Fi an Internet capabilities, including iPad and smartphones.

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