Freshdesk brings together all your customer conversations into a centralized interface that helps support agents in you company address and resolve any trouble tickets your company may get. You’ll be able to streamline all customer conversations in one place, automate repetitive work and save time and collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster. This is an entirely cloud-based solution that will help your company manage many groups, escalation procedures and workflows.

A CRM Where it Doesn’t Matter Where the Interaction Happens

With Freshdesk, it doesn’t matter if the interaction happens over the phone, via web chat, from email, or from social media since the program ensures that customer support issues will get to the right team member no matter what. The solution has everything you need to redefine your customer support. While keeping track of conversations, you can prioritize, categorize and assign tickets so that they never get lost in the shuffle.

The team inbox allows agents to track and manage any incoming support tickets from all sorts of channels with one inbox, while agents will also be able to set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on differed business categories or hours. You can also create custom ticket statuses as they relate to your business to identify what stage the ticket is in. Plus, the software ensures that multiple agents won’t end up working on the same ticket by accident.

Resolve Issues as a Team

All agents will be able to work together as a team to efficiently and quickly solve problems any customers have. With team huddle, agents will get the chance to talk about certain parts of tickets with experts from across your company to figure the best solution to move forward. Share ownership of tickets with other team without losing visibility into progress being made on the issue. The software will also allow agents to link related tickets together to keep track of all issues and deliver consistent response throughout the process.

Customer-Facing Features

Freshdesk also offers agents customer-facing features like a special self-service portal, knowledge base and community forums so that your company’s customers can see the status of their tickets in real time, as well as find solutions online and even vote on ideas if necessary.

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